Writing a webservice in vb

Make sure the result is correct. See you. After we created our Employee class, we need go back to our module1. You can test the exposed methods here if you want. Place the following code in the function called Main: localhost.

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STEP 3. Expand the Web References section of Solution Explorer and note the namespace that was used.

vb.net wcf web service example

NET Web service from the template list. They can only be used by the other methods within the Web service class.

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The Webservice attribute can be provided before the Web service class declarations as shown below. Close and save the project.

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The difference between a class and a WebService class, is that the members of the WebService can be called remotely. It is similar to adding the Imports directive for the. After the proxy class exists, you can create objects based on the class. It is useful to hide some implementation details called by public Web service methods or for the case in which the WebService class is also used in local applications. Select ASP. Click Add Reference. After we created our Employee class, we need go back to our module1. This project supposes to send two values to the web service, do the selected numerical operation and then return the result. The Web Service class belongs to the system. ServiceModel System.

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