Valerus field solutions business plans

valerus field solutions business plans

Investec Bank plc, accordingly, to the fullest extent permitted by law, disclaims all and any responsibility or liability whether arising in tort, contract or otherwise save as referred to above which it might otherwise have in respect of this announcement or any such statement.

Its three main business lines are; engineering, procurement and construction services; construction; and technical support services. The Board believes that the acquisition of Valerus FS will help to establish Kentz as a recognised market leader in providing highly skilled process engineering, EPCM and EPC services for small and medium sized oil and gas processing facilities worldwide.

The Seller and its affiliates are also subject to non-competition and non-solicitation covenants whereby they are prohibited from competing in the field solutions business anywhere in the United States, Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil or the United Arab Emirates or soliciting the employment of the field solutions employees of the Enlarged Group for a period of two years immediately following Completion, subject to certain exceptions set out in the Circular.

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This allows us to optimize design and operations — often setting new benchmarks for the industry in the process. Certain statements contained in this announcement constitute "forward-looking statements". The applicable margin will thereafter range between 1.

Upon Completion of the Acquisition, U.

These services are supported by seven manufacturing facilities focused on high value and on time delivery. We develop local talent through knowledge transfer in the countries we operate in, such as USUS, and creating high performance workforces that maximize sustainable local employment opportunities. However, the Group has also indicated a desire to expand its offering through selective acquisition, should it be able to secure such an acquisition which it believes would create shareholder value. To date this track record of growth has been achieved through the organic growth of the business. Newco, one of the subsidiaries of the Valerus Group that will be acquired by the Kentz Acquisition Entities pursuant to the Acquisition. Newco will provide the Seller with certain information technology, facilities, accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, employee benefits, payroll and other support services based on a pre-determined fee schedule for periods ranging from six months to one year. Our competencies.
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