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It encourages students to read quality fiction to develop the habit of reading for pleasure and enhances social, cultural, artistic and emotional growth.

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We can read many different books on the same subject by various writers. That type of people fond the books from library and read to it with their satisfaction.

In public libraries, a token amount is received as caution deposit and books are lent to readers.

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He can then write fine essays or even books on democracy and other systems of government himself. We can know about the past civilization and culture from the books which are kept in a library. According to Living the Library World, Shelving and shelfwork is a never-ending and seemingly, thankless task. We can view them in the library itself. The newspapers keep a reader in touch with what is happening in the world around him. Nowadays, librarians provide complete assistance and guidance with researching and navigating information. School libraries encourage students for independent learning and help them explore their interests. It gives to the scholars all the knowledge of the past. Reading is the best hobby we can develop, and the best companion to spend time. They are catalogued to meet the needs of the community. Related posts:. They can teach people how to find books and use the library. That type of people fond the books from library and read to it with their satisfaction. In the villages, at least one library should be there for the children and students for their better knowledge.

If there were no libraries many students who love to read would have been deprived of reading mostly due to financial difficulties. At this place, the number of people comes, but there is no any disturbance, and everybody read with paying attention.

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A reader remains in touch with the new discoveries, inventions and day-to-day matters of the world. Public and private library. People get an opportunity to learn and progress as per their interests and capabilities. Besides, they provide space and environment to facilitate individual or group studies and collaboration. Library is a perfect place to indulge in the pleasure of reading and for researching. Students get access to wide range of books and resources essential for reference, knowledge, learning and entertainment. In fact in the schools and colleges also have their library with good control. There is library divided into two parts i. This habit of reading can be developed only if we get into the habit of going to a library regularly, and spending a lot of time there. They can teach people how to find books and use the library. Libraries buy all books that are current and store them up in shelves assigned for them.

A library widens the knowledge of the students with new ideas and new thoughts. Libraries are important part of every educational institute as they provide the right support to students and teachers.

For example, a student or scholar may like to read the ideas of different writers on democracy. It facilitates the work of teachers by providing access to various curriculum resources and information.

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