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Uddin and 2Uddin, Osemengbe O. Unemployment is a situation where the active population of country willing to work could not lay hold of any satisfied job. The failure of the government to perform their constitutional duties has resulted in the high level of unemployment.

Diverting over 50 jobs position meant for the masses into one individual account without doing the job Ghost workers.

Elekwa Eds. Call us today to make special request for any research term paper, projects, journal work and proposals. If schools are unable to afford the tools to educate young people in the digital sector, these young people are at a disadvantage in the job market.

The findings revealed that unemployment in Nigeria among youths are caused by six major problems and six major effects which has created tension and hatred between the haves and have not, leading to communal clashes and the rise of such groups such as Boko Haram, Niger Delta Militant, armed robbery, prostitution and child trafficking constituting hiccups to security of lives and properties.

Through irrigation agriculture sector should have multiple cropping all year round to reduce seasonal unemployment.

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Against this backdrop, the following recommendations are made: The government should introduce a welfare package for the unemployed rather than wasting existing resources. We need to understand our responsibility. Subsidizing transportation cost for ease access of raw materials by the industrial sector.

The Global Transformations Reader; an empowerment, employment and socio-economic Introduction to the Globalization Debate, Edited by development.

It is argued that the crises have combined to make the cost of doing high population growth rate has resulted in the rapid business in Nigeria to be very exorbitant. Corruption in the country leading to: Diversion of public funds meant for education into personal use.

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If these identified causes is addressed Nigeria will be sure to solve her current predicament. Youth unemployment causes 1. Reduction in tax rate will; Encourage consumer to buy more through increase in purchasing power. Considering businesses are suffering from the skills mismatch, too, they need to take a more active role in promoting appropriate education and skill-building for young people from an early age. We need to understand our responsibility. Emmanuel Joseph Noko What is the causes and solution to unemployment in Nigeria is often a leading question among policy makers. Boost the healthy competition in the sector leading to more investment and employment. They should be paid according to their economic contribution to the nation. Young men and women, who have put in a decade or two in schools and colleges, have dreams and aspirations. Discouraging investment in the country. Effects of Unemployment in Nigeria Due to the increasing unemployment rate in Nigeria, there have been adverse effects on both the economy and the society. If you disagree, why not submit a response? Technological Moreover, the educated unemployed tended to be changes are taking place constantly, leading to the young males with few dependents.
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