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Locking your door and windows is a critical part of keeping safe on campus. While texting or e-mailing your roommate is not ideal, it will allow you to write down your concerns and edit the message before sending it. You can share your questions or tips in the comments below. Embrace the experience Living with someone new might be a bit scary at first, but there are countless stories of roommates from totally different backgrounds and parts of the world becoming unlikely friends after having shared a room. Each of you will get sick at some point your freshman year, probably more than once. Set some expectations now, before you are stressed out with deadlines, and never forget that what goes around comes around. Living pleasantly with your roommate and enjoying their company when you can is a great outcome. Done well, the experience is an exercise in human relations that can lead to lifelong friendship or, at the very least, lifelong skills in getting along.

Here are my most important takeaways: 1. Be Open to New Things Your roommate may be from someplace you've never heard of. To paraphrase a popular joke about marriage, rooming with your best friend is like a month-long sleepover.

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She is the author of "College Stress Solutions" and features on many media outlets. The keys to resolving disagreements with your roommate are respect and open communication.

In practice, this is pretty simple stuff. Treat it like a business partnership In the same vein as making a roommate agreement, be realistic about the roommate experience.

Get beyond appearances.

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Sometimes it can be tough to work out a sensitive issue together, and these are cases when having an impartial mediator to hear both sides of the argument can make a world of difference. Lights out at 1 am. You never know when friends, family or landlords come by for a spontaneous visit. It just starts things off on a friendly foot, even if you have no intentions of hanging out with that person. Got a problem? He or she will have different tastes in music, videos, food, clothing, and friends. Or vice versa? It requires tolerance, communication skills, and a willingness, even an eagerness, to learn about another person to make these arbitrary roommate assignments begin to work. If possible, do this in person. Talking directly with your roommate is always better than talking behind their back! Locking your door and windows is a critical part of keeping safe on campus.

That you're a neat freak? Could you find a different place for it? As the semester progresses, realize things will change for both of you.

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To paraphrase a popular joke about marriage, rooming with your best friend is like a month-long sleepover. She is author of the insightful parenting e-book, Tending the Family Heart. No one can read minds. Knowing someone well and living with them are two very different things. Respect means being honest without being a dick. Set and follow guidelines Firstly, agree on some guidelines right away. In the land of shared space, problems arise frequently—and if you never deal with them, they have the potential to ruin any relationship. If it annoys you when someone leaves their dishes in the sink or laundry on the chair — then speak up!

Merely entering into a dorm room, let alone living in one, is like jumping into a petri dish. Positive energy invites more of the same.

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In essence, follow the Golden Rule.

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How to Get Along with Your Roommate