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At the same meeting in which Kennedy and his aides were contemplating military action against Cuba and the U. Stern—who was the historian at the John F.

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With this blockade in effect, the United States officially started upholding the quarantine that Congress enacted into law. This approach to foreign policy was guided—and remains guided—by an elaborate theorizing rooted in a school-playground view of world politics rather than the cool appraisal of strategic realities.

It would have definitely made a lot of difference if the two Presidents had negotiated face to face. Franklin, J. I believe we have to build strength. The crisis was a standoff whereby an agreement had to be reached or it could have triggered the start of nuclear war, resulting in mass casualties and devastating consequences for the whole world.

What did the Americans understand from the second letter they received from the Russians? It is a stance that can engender a foreign policy approximating paranoia in an obdurately chaotic world abounding in states, personalities, and ideologies that are unsavory and uncongenial—but not necessarily mortally hazardous.

It was only chance and wisdom of the people involved that prevented it. How do you evaluate their reaction to the second letter? Thirteen Days [Motion Picture]. The first crucial message, however, was through a Russian spy; a close aide of Russian President, where the first offer to remove the missiles was made.

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October US U-2 spy plane is shot down over Cuba, killing the pilot.

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Negotiation analysis: thirteen days