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Post and share with classmates. They work hard at perfecting the process of writing.

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They are impatient They want you to deliver the goods quickly and clearly. Return Address This is your address where someone could send a reply. Brevity is conciseness of expression, checking the development of your own ideas and accuracy of expression. Provided by: Writing Commons. Methods: How did you gather information? A technical writer must acknowledge his sources. Structure Rule Write Different parts for Different readers Most of us avoid reading even short documents straight through. All writing assignments have expectations in terms of language and format. Here are the main reasons: Organization: It forces you to grapple with matters of organization at a time when it is easy to change the structure of the document—that is before you have committed words to draft. Delivery Optional Sometimes you want to indicate on the letter itself how it was delivered. The advent of hypertext has changed the way documents are read, organized, and accessed. Technical writing requires a writer to extensively examine their audience.

The conclusion can serve to remind the reader, but should not introduce new information. Instead a document often has many readers with mixed technical backgrounds and with different needs.

If this is not the case with your letter, but you are unsure of how to address your recipient, make every effort to find out to whom the letter should be specifically addressed.

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It is represented by the broad expansive section of the diamond. You can be thorough by 1 preparing a checklist or requirements in the planning phase 2 marking off each requirement as it is fulfilled 3 using the checklist again in the revision phase for a final check. They receive information from the 22 Document and make necessary adjustments, say in their jobs accordingly. Evolve to a recognizable list of main and supporting points Change shape during the drafting process as you adjust points of emphasis Outline is messy business because it reflects the thinking you do before you write. In order to communicate effectively and project a positive image, be clear, concise, specific, and respectful; each word should contribute to your purpose; each paragraph should focus on one idea; the parts of the letter should form a complete message; the letter should be free of errors. Structure Rule Emphasize Beginnings and Endings Most of us read fiction and essays much differently than we read technical documents. Technical writing can be distinguished from other prose by features related to its purpose. This is your core content, where you can outline and support several key points. Balance: Include adequate detail for all your main points. It does not present summary points such as conclusions or recommendations. If your letter requests or implies action, the conclusion needs to make clear what you expect to happen. Writing thus became the fastest and most effective way to disseminate information, and writers who could document these devices were desired. Review: It is much easier to make changes at this stage than later. Figure 9.

This effort to focus your attention on specific problems yields the best result. Delivery Optional Sometimes you want to indicate on the letter itself how it was delivered.

All writing assignments have expectations in terms of language and format. This section answers three main questions: Why is an Outline so important?

Find a business letter for example, an offer you received from a credit card company or a solicitation for a donation and share it with your classmates.

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List of associations[ edit ]. Descriptions are shorter explanations of procedures and processes that help readers understand how something works.

Include Listings Bulleted or numbered lists are easier to read than long paragraphs of text, as long as, you keep lists from becoming too long.

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