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We can help anyone learn to swim and have helped hundreds of swimmers feel more confident in the water and go on to achieve what they never dreamt possible!

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The annual top 10 i. Mean values for the sex difference in swimming speed at national level were The mean improvement in three distances for men on the short course was 3.

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It covers water safety and basic front crawl skills, as well as breath control, floating with or without a floating board, kicks, arm movements, integration of breathing with front crawl, etc.

This rule was introduced see History of swimming to prevent swimmers from using the faster underwater swimming to their advantage, or even swimming entire laps underwater.

Introduction Indoor swimming competitions are usually held in short course 25 m and long course 50 m pools[ 1 ].

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This means the longer the course the higher the muscle fatigue which might impair the swimming technic because of less streamlining resulting in increasing drag. Course content includes passing the ball, dribble, jump shot, layup shot, free throw, rebound, attack and defence tactics and competition rules, etc. Lower lactate levels were reported for women after competitions, which means a slower fatigue[ 13 ]. Some part of the swimmer must be above water at any time, except for the first 15 meters after the start and every turn. Relationships between energetic, stroke determinants, and velocity in butterfly. Zamparo P. Blanksby BA. Also, over the years, some design considerations have reduced swimming resistance, making the pool faster, namely: proper pool depth, elimination of currents, increased lane width, energy-absorbing racing lane lines and gutters, and the use of other innovative hydraulic, acoustic, and illumination designs. Butterfly A stroke for confident swimmers and excellent for lower back mobility due to its continuous wave like undulating movement. Women have a lower hydrodynamic resistance and are more streamlined than men[ 25 ].

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