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It needs to do this as an issue of reacting to changes in that environment and if foreseeing such changes and settling on proactive choices about the way of HRM Once the HRM office is capable of properly remunerating workforce, the employees are almost assured of their organization's survival.

Usually, when an organization is going under receivership, employees are the first victim as there is reduced employee compensation, which may in acute scenarios deny them their basic livelihood.

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These are the people who are entrusted to help meet the organizations objectives. To identify existing problems in the company and ways of solving detected HRM issues, an attempt has been put in Different policies, procedures and practices are intended to assist both workers and association 's to accomplish their objective.

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First, to many employees, the basic purpose for joining an organization is to secure a pay. In such an evaluation, compensable factors such as experience, education level and job responsibility should be considered.

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Human Resource Management Essay