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Create log file in c# windows application

StreamWriter is best placed in a using-statement. WriteLine s2. NET framework was developed over time and provides older, more complicated structures for backward compatibility's sake. Exists "test. In our first example, we will construct an extremely minimalistic text editor. WriteLine "The file has been successfully written. NET framework class for it - StreamReader. StreamWriter, a helpful class, writes text data and files. ReadKey ; The result: Console application The file has been successfully written. For files with many lines, it is worth reading in the lines iteratively. ReadAllLines "file. Here: We create a test file with 1 million lines, then read it in with StreamReader line-by-line, and also with File.

Maybe we want to see if a name or location exists in a line in the file. This is efficient code. If we set it to true, it'll append text rather than overwrite it.

Note: The file is created if it does not exist, or replaced with a new file if it does exist no appends ever occur. But we still get only one line of text per execution of our application.

How to create a log file in c# code project

A good solution is to put the loop inside the using statement. Obviously that will overwrite the previous content, but for now, that's just fine. A final reminder. Please note how the System. As usual, there is a. WriteLine "This" ; sw. File paths are complex. C program that uses File. ReadLine ; File. The method creates a new file if the file doesn't exist. It isn't any more complicated than writing. This behavior can be altered by specifying the second parameter in the StreamWriter's constructor.

It instead reads lines only as they are needed. Reading an existing file The only thing left for us to learn is how to read a file. The data is now stored in a string object.

WriteLine "Hello" sw. This article has been fully translated into the following languages:. All rights reserved. ReadLine ; while newContent!

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ReadAllLines "file. Printing file contents: The first line This text is on the second line And the third one. File Equals Research.

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How to: Open and append to a log file