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The vulgarity-laced monologues and conversations ripple with humor and are ripe with points to ponder.

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Pulp Fiction. A character is shot in the face and it's played for jokes.

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Foot massages, hamburgers, comfortable silence, a gold watch, pot bellies, divine intervention, and filthy animals - all these and more receive the writer's attention as he presents meaningless issues in an intensely-fascinating and almost lyrical fashion. It includes frequent obscenities, sexual frankness, occasional violence and moderate gore. Rumors of a prequel involving Jules and Vincent John Travolta have been floating around lately. A lot of movies these days use flat, functional speech: The characters say only enough to advance the plot. This goes beyond gallows humor. Is Jackson quoting the Bible correctly? Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. And then there's Samuel L. Instead of a story peopled by basically weakly developed characters employed primarily as a mere device to move the plot along, as is too frequently the case in the movies especially these days , the undeniably strong, clever, and unpredictable plot lines in PULP FICTION are actually of essentially secondary interest and importance, serving primarily as vehicles to get you worried about the fate of characters you can't help caring about despite the truly low attributes that otherwise form the basis for their respective personas. It's so gloriously weird and dark and rude and violent, such a strange cocktail of brilliant little moments.

That's also the case with the scene where the hit-men inadvertently kill a passenger in their car. She says she's been looking in the mirror and she wants a pot belly.

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Those confused by the structure will see everything clearly once the final line is spoken. Its hodgepodge of violence, mayhem, and generally deviant behavior is an assault on the senses, not to mention political correctness. A lot of movies these days use flat, functional speech: The characters say only enough to advance the plot.

A true masterpiece gabornagy81 12 August Recently I've managed to watch this movie and I have to admit, that the experience,it gave to me, was unique. The dialogue by Tarantino and Avary is off the wall sometimes, but that's the fun.

Jacksondebating emptily and pricelessly while preparing to embark on a professional mission.

Pulp fiction movie review

A soft, moist, shapeless mass of matter. If the situations are inventive and original, so is the dialogue. Fantastic screenplay, terrific actors to the point of the tiniest roles Steve Buscemi as a waiter or Christopher Walken as an ex-soldier and a marvelous kind of story-telling. Relentless in its pace, Pulp Fiction is as exhausting as it is exhilarating. This film is one wild ride. Flag this review Robert Fletcher 2d ago When I first saw this movie, I was like, that counts as a movie? Jackson ; they're on their way to a violent showdown with some wayward Yuppie drug dealers, and are discussing such mysteries as why in Paris they have a French word for Quarter Pounders. I saw this at the theater when I was maybe 18 and was blown away. Tarantino turns up wearing a bathrobe and offering everyone coffee. However, despite all the film's cleverness and style, it hinges on the performance put forth by Samuel L. A character is shot in the face and it's played for jokes. They go to Jack Rabbit Slim's, a s theme restaurant where Ed Sullivan is the emcee, Buddy Holly is the waiter, and they end up in a twist contest. There is not a single line in "Pearl Harbor'' you would want to quote with anything but derision. A study in human psychosis.
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