Project governance

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There are clearly defined criteria for reporting project status and for the escalation of risks and issues to the levels required by the organisation. Organisations have corporate governance, of which project governance is a subset.

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If you are new to university study, you may be interested in our Access Courses or Certificates. Supportive PMOs, or PSOs, provide a consultative role to projects by supplying templates, best practices, training, access to information and lessons learned from other projects.

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What is Project governance? Training PMO staff as auditors develops this expertise within the organisation and also can support sharing of good practice.

Project governance

What type of organisation is it? For a small standalone project, there may not be sufficient resource for a specific support function. Crawford et al. This includes use of standard tools, and possibly specialist tools, existing within the organisation to facilitate the monitoring, control and status reporting of projects: scheduling, financial, risk management, document management, status recording and governance, for example. To identify which quadrant is applicable for a particular project the perspectives of the organisation and the project need to be considered. It has no responsibility for development of the project management function. Email Projects ideally sit within a governance framework that is bigger than the project team. How are projects supported now? The project manager is responsible for the daily management of the project. Discussion In this section of this course, communication of governance arrangements is last but this may be the section that is most relevant to this activity. But what does governance on projects actually look like?

For a basic PMO this may be entering and updating information generated by the project manager, whereas Project governance advanced PMO may take the lead in actively seeking information from different parts of the project team, drafting schedules and recommending resources drawing on experience from similar projects already undertaken within the organisation.

Advantages and disadvantages of a PMO within an organisation Advantages have been explained so far and there is the potential for many: strong governance processes and support routine and specialist support for the project manager consistency of approach across an organisation, commonality of documentation focus of reference to standards, methods, tools, etc.

However, what that engagement needs to be will vary between projects, and is also likely to vary over the life cycle of a single project. A PMO or Project Support Office may provide a range of services, and these need to be agreed and understood by all the project stakeholders.

If the wrong person is selected, the project is no better placed than if no one was accountable for its success. How are projects supported now?

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Project governance