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For example, if at one time your business has three prep cooks readying fruits for a shift, it will be necessary to have prep tools for each of them to maximize productivity.

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Competition The current opportunity is greatest right now for our kind of restaurant simply because competing restaurants in the area provide little or no health food choices. Generally a smoothie has a higher viscosity than a juice, due to the high solids content and the natural thickening effect of some ingredients, such as banana and mango.

Strategy marketing objective To build unique distribution system that provides ubiquity at low cost. Operation is as follows: Stage 1 The vessel is charged with liquid and the mixer is started.

To reduce energy consumption during production Product Description Business name is Smoothy Juice and they have different varieties in juices drinks as well and their Smoothy Juice Industry is located in Asulia, Savar, Dhaka.

Smoothie and juice bar business plan

Suzie made this decision based her needs to operate a small shop—something simple without all the red tape and paperwork that is required of a franchise. Juicers — Juicers, citrus or otherwise, and necessary in both juice bars and smoothie shops. Scalable results across the entire Silverson product range. Smoothy Juice also gives message that their juices are good for your health. In addition, we will offer meals that are low in fat, high on vitamins, and low on calories. The Smoothie business model matches all of Suzie's requirements. Here are their top tips for those looking to add juice or smoothies to their repertoire. Most smoothie shops opt for blenders with sound enclosures since they tend to have more than one operating at a time which can create a lot of noise. Here is a breakdown of our financial needs and projected outcomes.

Start-up expenses. The objective of Smoothy Juice produces awareness in our customer about new products and also produces awareness to new customer about Smoothy Juice.

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Manufacture of Smoothies