Police code of silence

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It portrays the experiences of an Orthodox Jewish father and his son, after the son breaks the code of silence in Melbourne 's Orthodox community and goes public with his story of being sexually abused as a student.

Some officers abide by the code of silence out of fear. Journal of Business Ethics, 70 4 For all the attention, though, the attitude that officers back one another up has yet to change, according to Terry Ekl, a lawyer who represented Ms.

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Pagon, M. Police culture involves a set of values and rules that have evolved through the experiences of officers and which are affected by the environment in which they work. Odds Supervisory status1. Curtailing the code of silence among the South African police.

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These consequences can include being shunned, losing friends, and losing back-up, as well as receiving physical threats or having one's own misconduct exposed.

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(PDF) The police code of silence in a comparative perspective