Pitt college essay

Let us walk you through the admissions process. Please note that we will compare your SRAR to your official high school transcript if you enroll at Pitt. What makes you unique? Some good example topics for this essay: You have always been passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding mental health be sure to give some brief background as to what stimulated this passion.

You may already be sitting on a stellar essay that fits the bill! Taking it one step farther, UPitt is also looking for your ability to reflect.

The key is to demonstrate your uniqueness through real-life examples and show how this uniqueness will translate into helping you excel at UPitt. Proceed as if these essays are the most important factor in the Pitt Honors admissions process. A hallmark of students in Pitt Honors is intellectual curiosity.

university of pittsburgh essay examples

University of preference on their application process. Accuracy in completing the SRAR is very important. You and your friends often suffer from painful calluses on the balls of your feet, and you have an idea for a home-made, inexpensive balm that would be more effective than usual drugstore remedies.

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How to Write the University of Pittsburgh Essays