Paper craft graduation invitation card ideas

Paper craft graduation invitation card ideas

Start with a free graduation invitation card template from PsPrint. Every graduation party is as unique as the person throwing it. The flowers used in this craft were made with hydrangea flower punches by Martha Stewart Crafts. Holidays and Special Events If you're planning a party for a new or soon-to-be-graduate, you've probably got your hands full coordinating the location, refreshments, a display table or scrapbook, and perhaps even a band or DJ. About Us. Graduation invitations or graduation party invitations? Graduation invitation card design You don't have to have any design skills to craft a unique invitation card for your graduation party; all you need to know is where to get the right tools. Glue the rest of the petals together to form the flower. The idea of binning the books, tossing your cap in the air and walking off campus for the last time is exciting and nerve-wracking all at once. Katherine Lee Next, take your flower shape paper punches and make some paper flowers. Last, if you compare the cost of paper, ink and envelopes - not to mention the time spent fixing the printer - you'll end up spending just as much or more than if you have your graduation invitation cards professionally printed. What — Specify what your guest is being invited to. We use them interchangeably throughout our site and this article.

But before any celebration can begin, you'll have to invite the graduate's family and friends with graduation invitation cards. Fill your design with whatever you'd like: a photo of the graduate engaging in his or her favorite activities, a clever drawing, text, celebratory clip art or anything else that fits your theme.

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The flowers used in this craft were made with hydrangea flower punches by Martha Stewart Crafts. Use glue dots or a drop of glue to make your flower base.

A formal dinner?

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A family barbecue? You organise it yourself, invite who you like, and meet wherever you want. The easier you make it for guests to reply Graduating is exciting and a great milestone to mark with friends and family.

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