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Kentucky tournament game. He has missed the last 12 games with a foot injury suffered in late January, but the Hokies announced on Twitter Sunday that their senior point guard will be back for the NCAA tournament. That doesn't mean this has to happen, but precedent for it certainly exists. But while Washington will lose because of its inability to score, Auburn will win by shooting and making threes for days against North Carolina's defense. It'll take a Herculean performance to beat a stifling Texas Tech defense, and this Mike Daum-ish big man will do his best to provide it. If he's back to his old self and threatening to score 35 points in any game, the Boilermakers are a major Final Four threat. This is one of the best defensive teams in the country, and two weeks ago I would've said the Wildcats had a shot at reaching the Final Four.

Note that below there are 68 teams that make the NCAA tournament, and the winners of each conference are automatically included in the tournament. John's even made it into the tournament while ranked outside the top 70 on both the NET No.

And they probably won't shoot 5-of from three-point range, either. But when is the last time they faced an offense anywhere close to this good? Rider; Go with the hot team and root for at least two games of Morant.

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Lots of questions and not many concrete answers, but this is the order we settled on. The Cougars have one of the most efficient defenses in the country, ranking in the top five for both two-point and three-point percentage allowed. Here we plan to prep you for everything that will take place during March Madness!

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John's; Tennessee Volunteers 1. South Dakota State; It was enough to make one wonder if the alleged point cap on margin of victory in the NET formula was just a big ol' lie the NCAA was selling. UCF; Villanova; We'll get a little more adventurous in the later rounds and in the other two regions. Bonus factoid: Magee is from Orlando, and the game is in Jacksonville. Gonzaga's incredible offense going up against Texas Tech's impenetrable defense. Iowa State; These teams did meet a few months ago for a colossal beatdown. Dylan Windler is good, but Cassius Winston is a college basketball deity. John's over Arizona State It blows my mind St. Zion Williamson didn't come back from his knee injury just to go out with a whimper in the national championship.

The big one I liked for Kentucky was Wofford. Auburn; Player to Watch: Dylan Windler, Belmont It is awesome Belmont made it into this tournament as an at-large bid, not just for the mid-majors everywhere who can celebrate "stealing" one away from the big bad guys, but because the college basketball world will get one final look at Dylan Windler in a prime-time outing.

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But in reality, the best possible rematch is this one. Because there are four play-in games, there are 2 seed groups that will have more than 4 teams.

Ncaa bracket projections

But Dean Wade's status foot is in question. Because there are four play-in games, there are 2 seed groups that will have more than 4 teams. Montana; Kansas; Utah State had an unbelievable season and has some of the best defensive frontcourt marks in the nation for two-point defense, rebounding and blocks. TCU; How much should it be "discounted" since Cam Reddish didn't play and Tre Jones got hurt early in the first half, though? John's; Assuming North Carolina draws Washington in the second round, this will be the Tar Heels' second consecutive game against a defense that ranks within the NCAA's top five in both block and steal percentage—a tough draw for an offense that has had issues with blocked shots and live-ball turnovers.
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NCAA Bracket Projections