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The campaign from You have to be able to make mistakes and learn from them. There was a waiver in the system, and the story of why is debatable, but probably because some of the biggest companies in the industry didn't make shoes here so they had been able to get around that.

We hired the services of Dr.

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Healthier living is also embedded across the business. It will operate beneath the colossal influencer clashes of Nike and Adidasthe latter of which enlisted 56 A-listers across sport, music and culture accompanied with the lofty claim it "reenginered advertising".

It has installed stand-up desks, subsidises gym memberships and has banned smoking on its sites.

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College track teams such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology MITTufts University and Boston University adopted the New Balance Trackster for their cross-country teams, soon to be followed by other colleges and private high schools around the country.

If you're a public company you do the math, see domestic manufacturing is more expensive A decade later, we now have the New York City Marathon, the London Marathon, and while we don't sponsor the Boston Marathon, we guerrilla market around it.

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That is a pigeon-hole DeMartini is keen to avoid. Riley, an Irish immigrant, founded the New Balance Arch Support Company in the Boston area, manufacturing arch supports and other accessories designed to improve shoe fit. So, our brand is front and centre at the three biggest marathons in the world. CHRIS: From a marketing standpoint too, we believe our marketing is a reflection of our values so we have to do the things that matter most to us. How to do that is the hard part. One is the fact that we are a new business and the second is the fact that we may not have the financial resources required to match up with existing football viewing centers in and around Ikorodu when it comes to generating the needed hype that can drive traffic towards our football viewing center facility. We act quickly, but make sure everything we do is authentic to the brand. The "Trackster" was given a big boost through the YMCA programs in which it became the unofficial shoe. His future wife Anne, who joined the company in , focused on building a distinct culture for New Balance employees and customers. And it took probably five years before it sunk in. Click here for information and to book tickets. It took us seven and half years to win the contract, but we did it. What did you do to convince people in the organisation you could achieve those bold ambitions? But being a challenger brand, we wanted to find something that was severely authentic - something undeniably New Balance. What has been the most shining signature example of the brand being 'Fearlessly Independent'?

Importantly, those investments got our people and our partners to believe that we could become number one. It took operational investment, it took strategic alignment across the world.

The company prospered, and the Davises looked to expand New Balance into a global company. What has been the most shining signature example of the brand being 'Fearlessly Independent'?

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