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Click here to view a list of Partners on the Land. The site in NNL status does not transfer with changes in ownership. Lawrence Memorial Grassland Preserve What is it? There is hardly any trace of the huge sea stack The formation enchanted everyone with its strange beauty and both settlers and Native Americans started to come up with several stories about it.

Inthe tree caught firereducing its height to about feet and burning out much of the dead wood in the center.

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Visit the Activities page or scroll through the photos below to discover the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks. The spectacular example of "biscuit and scabland" topography in north-central Oregon is privately managed by the Nature Conservancy with a bequest from Minnesota ecologist Donald B.

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As of Novemberthere were listings. Forest Service. Department of the Interior.

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Forest Service 8. The mountains were picked to protect the montane grasslands that grow on the slopes.

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Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks