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As membership increased, the NSC began producing posters, technical fact sheets, and other publications. It was headquartered in ChicagoIllinois and Robert W. Members of NSC are segmented into Divisions, also known as special interest groups.

Campbell served as first president and William H. Workplace safety: NSC works with the U. Teen driving: NSC strategy aims to reduce teen driving motor vehicle fatalities through education about graduated driver licensing GDLan education process proven to reduce teen driving fatalities by 20 to 40 percent by gradually exposing teen drivers to higher crash risk situations.

Week 3 - Falls[ edit ] Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death for adults age 65 and older.

We have various options for shipping within the United States, and a day return policy for a full credit on all of our safety supply equipment. It was the second leading reason that adults age ended up in emergency departments inand the third leading cause for kids ages 10 and older, often from too-heavy backpacks, computers and gaming, and poor posture.

Divisions meet twice a year. Communities apply for the Safe Communities designation by indicating their long-term commitment to the promotion of safety. History[ edit ] Inthe National Safety Council established June as National Safety Month, aiming to increase awareness of the leading safety and health risks and ultimately decrease the number of unintentional injuries and deaths in the United States.

Some divisions are further segmented into sections.

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Cameron served as secretary.

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