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Some students from Spark the Wave were volunteering at a coat drive. The note continued: "It's so important to have a male role model at a young age.

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Shutterstock Though catcalling is not the way to compliment othersthere is a way to give strangers compliments on their appearance without crossing a line.

Spend a few minutes on Free Ricea United Nations Food Program that will donate rice to hungry people for every question you get right on their learning web site.

Thank them for their sacrifices.

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Post positive notes. A photo showing several adorable dogs curled up peacefully on the sofas in the Hot Spott eatery was posted on Facebook by customer David Simonian in December Put your phone away while in the company of others. If you search the web using Ecosia , the search ads generate money for Ecosia. Help a senior with their groceries We underestimate how important and comforting it is to be listened to. Hand them a reusable bottle and tell them to bring their own water in it from now on. Bake cookies for the elderly 3. Shutterstock Instead of turning a blind eye when you see someone struggling with something heavy, take a few minutes out of your day to lend a helping hand. Be kind to yourself. Make a homemade gift for someone. My nieces love mail so much, that my wife and I try to regularly send them postcards, stickers and anything we find for that matter, and it makes their day.

Cut out an article and send it to someone. Give them the box and tell them to pull out a heart anytime they need a pick-me-up. Give her the box and tell her to pull out a heart or smiley face anytime she gets lonely or wants a pick me up. Post positive notes.

Spend time with your grandparents Participate in Pack-A-Backpack for a child Shutterstock No matter how much you want to relax after a long day at workyou should always give up your seat on the train to someone who needs it more than you the elderly, a pregnant womanetc.

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Even better, offer to both try something new together. Wow, this used to be us. The best part? Show the new kids around your school Put a small bin in your car to collect recycling. Leave a kind server the biggest tip you can afford. Buy him food. Instead take you cart and a random stray one back to the cart return location. Our neighbors noticed that we had a lot going on and could use a distraction. It recently acquired new premises, bought with money from local investors, and called upon members of the community to help it move its stock metres down the road to its new home. Write letters to strangers who need them. Leave a box of goodies in your mailbox for your mail carrier. Gobble them down happily along with your coworkers. They will appreciate the fact that you remembered. Make dinner for a family in need
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