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This relationship fluctuates; it continuously gets stronger then weaker. The effect of catharsis on the audience depends on the unity of the plot and the effective presence of a tragic hero. Soon after he finds out that he is not her father and this is a great shock for him as Susan has kept this a secret from him for all these years.

He keeps the truth from her as he is lonely and is scared that if she knows the truth she will leave him. The second point that shows that Henchard is a typical tragic hero is his relationship with Susan.

Like the bull, Henchard? I will compare and contrast both the differences and similarities in the personalities of the Nineteenth Century major and the more contemporary trial leader.

Similarly, in The Mayor of Casterbridge, Henchard's recognition of his true circumstances occurs following the visit of the Royal Personage presumably, Prince Albert to Casterbridge.

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Like Aristotle, Hardy believes in the importance of the three elements of plot in a tragedy: reversal, recognition and final suffering. Although Thomas Hardy's novel is not a drama, it does satisfy many requirements for an Aristotelian tragedy.

For example, Teiresias adequately warns Oedipus not to pursue the investigation of Laius's death, but Oedipus, too stubborn to listen, continues his search for the king's murderer.

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In Aristotelian tragedy, catharsis holds the importance of emotional effect upon the audience in a literary work.

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Essay on Mayor of Casterbridge Tragic Hero