Main factors affecting tourism supply

Blogs, websites and social media heavily publicize, each tourists destination and people can gather all the information they need to plan their tour.

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Posted by. In this way, the economic factors have a major impact on demand for tourism globally. Apart from the Asian countries including China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, US and neighboring countries like Canada, Mexico etc have also benefited by good economic activity and seen healthy demand for tourism services in the recent years.

How nations and hospitality brands market themselves also affects the demand and sales of tourist services.

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Hospitality brands are giving their service a personal touch through the use of advanced technology, data and analytics. Religious factors People often make pilgrims to places of religious importance to seek inner peace, get blessing of their favorite deities and gurus, attain salvation before death, etc. During the recession demand for tourism services fell because people were forced to cut down on extra costs and the level of employment had fallen worldwide. How nations and hospitality brands market themselves also affects the demand and sales of tourist services. When the economic activity and employment are high, people have sufficient disposable income to spend on tourism and travel. People like to travel to countries that offer a safe environment and where they can enjoy their vacation in peace. It has made booking, marketing of tourists services easier and also helped people and businesses manage the costs of travel better. A and U. Falling cots of travel have also led to increase in number of Leisure travellers. Some nations have invested in heavy marketing of their tourist destinations to churn demand. It also gave rise to increased competition forcing the competitors to reduce prices for stay. Western cities shave several such tourists hotspots that are attractive because of technology. Culture is a major force affecting demand for tourism worldwide. Millions of people every year go on religious tours like the Muslims going to Mecca or the Christians to their holy cities. It resulted in higher surveillance throughout US and such an environment makes tourists feel insecure.

Dubai is one of such tourist destinations which is marketed around the world through various channels. Apart from that, lodging options have also increased for people reducing the cost of overseas stay.

Particularly, it can lead to a decrease in the arrival of tourists from Islamic countries.

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