How to write a comfort letter

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In banking, this document means an informal letter that a bank gives to assure a customer that it is willing to provide short- term loan to support him when required. This letter provides third-party verification of details in the application and could transfer some of the potential liability to the CPA in the event of default on the loan; it is not recommended that CPAs sign such a letter.

If you are only distantly acquainted with the person you plan to write to, however, a condolence letter may not be the best way to show your concern.

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Personally written notes are increasingly rare in today's world of emails and texts, so a handwritten note will carry greater meaning at this difficult time. Most lenders will simply ask the CPA to write a letter indicating that the prospective borrower is self-employed or is employed in a certain profession.

But CPAs should consult with their errors and omissions insurance company about the content of any such letter that they will be using in their practice. For example, you might use the following: Acknowledge the loss and refer to the deceased by name.

Purpose of Comfort Letters There are various reasons why a client may request a comfort letter.

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Concerns About CPA Letters to Third Parties