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Variations on the theme of The Dinner Table followed, all of them eliminating the woman but retaining the objects, arranged in various ways.

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Having seen several exhibitions of Asian art, and having traveled to North Africa, he incorporated some of the decorative qualities of Islamic art, the angularity of African sculpture, and the flatness of Japanese prints into his own style.

Cubism was a style of painting imagined, created, and performed by Pablo Picasso. Moreover, credible evidence indicates that the key to a successful business is centered upon an organizations collective understanding and intelligible implementation of four primary management functions While comparing Study for Composition II and Le Bonheur de Vivre The Joy of Life ; I will argue their experimentation and exploration pioneered into an artistic vision that changed how line, form, and color appeared in modern art To claim that managers are only required to lead, and not also plan, organise and review, overlooks many other crucial aspects required to be an effective and efficient manager The human figure was central to Matisse's work both in sculpture and painting.

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Fauvism is an expressionism that is expressed by art, music literature His father wanted him to be a lawyer, so later on in life he could takeover the family business. In Still Life with Oranges II and other still-life paintings at this time, the arrangements are natural looking, as if excerpted from daily life. Matisse created cut-outs project in his last decade of life which called his second life. There were many great artist during this time. Incomes have risen, life expectancy has increased, health consciousness has increases, living standards have improved and lifestyles have altered. In fact, color was the most crucial element of his paintings.

The artwork of Matisse has been a milestone in the history of painting. Marcel Duchamp was a French-American painter and sculptor. The form appears almost sculptural. We will be pinpointing and observing the art of this two men and how they got to the point to create this wonderful ever-lasting art His vast oeuvre encompassed painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic arts as diverse as etchingslinocuts, lithographsand aquatintspaper cutouts, and book illustration.

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The explicit focus of the frame is on the use of complementary and vivid colours. Another device Matisse developed was using one color over most of the painting surface, often red or deep pink, to cover the negative spaces in the painting. The pieces of fruit that had previously been rendered with fullness are signified by nearly uniform orange disks, their modeling reduced to schemata. He was initially utilized as an engineer at Boigues, Rambourg and Co. During this time, foundations were put to the test and it was completely disordered by revolutionary ideas and styles. Henri Matisse, a French painter in the late 19th to mid 20th century, led an artistic movement known as Fauvism, where artists including Matisse, used broad strokes of color in their portraits There was also no blending of colors. Artwork started to become deeper and filled with a purpose an idea which would hide itself behind reality. Acquired through our growth into modernism, art has manifested a certain dependence on theoretical discourse. I feel it was only instinct that made me interested in this type of photography He got his education as a mine architect and graduated in from this school at the age of 19 years. Dadaists believed that sound thoughts and organized processes were the cause of the war, so the Dadaists created art that seemed out of order and almost illogical Kleiner Thus it is vital that the people in charge sufficiently direct their employees to carry out the desired tasks in the desired way. This art influenced a vast majority of modern day art.

Henri Matisse, a French painter in the late 19th to mid 20th century, led an artistic movement known as Fauvism, where artists including Matisse, used broad strokes of color in their portraits Matisse directly inverted this conventional relationship between subject and style.

Modernism included movements such as Surrealism, Fauvism, Expressionism, Pop Art Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Dada, Cubism and many other art movements that fit in and around these main movements.

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