Health and wellness in the workplace

Teach your employees the basics and importance of finance This is especially important for younger employees, but can also be useful for older staff that is not familiar with finance.

These results call into question whether the assumptions about wellness programs at work actually deliver on their promise.

If that costs too much money for the company to do, start a healthy food fund where each employee chips in a certain amount of money every month in exchange for fresh produce to be made available to them in the break room anytime they want.

Perhaps, you could get them to give your employees a discounted rate on their food products as well. Employee assistance programs Wellness not only means taking care of the body but the mind as well.

Again, Google sets the bar high with their cafeterias, offering catered lunches and snacks to team members throughout the day.

workplace wellness ideas

Fewer office-related injuries Taking a break to exercise or just stretch prevents common office injuries, resulting in fewer worker compensation claims. Frame your accolades, honorable mentions, and community awards around the office.

wellness days at work

Promoting healthy eating in the workplace benefits everyone in the office. Team building activities One of the secondary benefits of a wellness program is that many of activities strengthen the bonds between team members.

Posters can also encourage employees to use the stairwell by illustrating the physical health benefits it will give to them throughout the day. Less colds, flu and other illnesses Everyone knows healthy practices prevents illness.

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How to Create an Employee Wellness Program to Promote Workplace Health