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However, real or not, it gave the Romans a sense of identity.

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As a result he, too, was assassinated—probably by a land reformer. Biblical Times and the Ancient Middle East books for preteens Marjorie Cowley, The Golden Bull , about a brother and sister in ancient Mesopotamia who are sent away to the city of Ur during a terrible drought when their parents can no longer feed them. He came to Exeter in , and was Head of Department from to Susan Fletcher, Alphabet of Dreams , about a girl, her brother and Melchior, one of the three magi seeking a newborn king whose birth was foretold by the stars. Roman Prose While there was an abundance of poets in Rome, there were also many outstanding writers of prose. Goodwin Award of Merit Unfortunately, much of early Roman history is based on myth, and some historians sadly accepted it as fact. Donna Jo Napoli, Lights on the Nile , historical fantasy about a girl in ancient Egypt who doesn't realize she has mysterious powers until she is kidnapped and separated from her pet baboon. An enemy of Cicero, he sided with dictator-for-life Julius Caesar who helped him fight charges of malpractice while governor of Africa.

His father Tiberius Gracchus Major was twice consul, a powerful man at his death in However, his most famous work is the 15 books of mythology Metamorphoses, an epic poem that spoke not only of humanity's interaction with the gods but also of heroes and heroines.

In Hispania his father spent years building colonies for Carthage from which to attack Rome; but the son saw his father "fall in battle by his side. So inspired by the Greek historian Thucydideshe turned to writing history. This major re-evaluation of Roman history and its afterlife in western culture through the mediums of myth and art is fast becoming the standard popular account of the Roman story-world.

Lucretius Carus 99 — 55 BCE wrote On the Nature of the Universe, an Epicurean doctrine that said the world was mechanistic, operating without divine intervention and true happiness existed from complete withdrawal from public life.

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Yet the "hostile attacks of the aristocracy had no doubt driven him subsequently into the camp of [their] opponents" where "he speedily found himself elevated" as the new popular leader. Regretfully Marius at last emerged as "the crackbrained chief of a reckless band of robbers" which earned him "the hatred of the entire nation". Rosemary Sutcliff, Eagle's Egg , about a young standard-bearer in the Roman army in Britain who must gain a promotion in order to marry the girl he loves. Similarly, historian Norman Cantor in his Antiquity said that Catullus recognized the mortality of man and exposed a different side of Roman life. The senate then closed ranks, saying that Tiberius Gracchus "had wished to seize the crown. And yet this is a powerfully human portrait of Socrates from his student. This book, which also incorporates the topography of Rome as an integral part of its narrative see, for example, the discussion of Alban Mount, 88 provides a very useful time-chart and valuable uncluttered maps which will be of great use for those unfamiliar with the subject. He served as bishop of both Rome and Milan as well as governor of Aemilia-Liguria despite often challenging the Emperor Theodosius. Pharsalia, his most famous work, dealt with the Roman civil war of the 1st century BCE.

Diane Lee Wilson, To Ride the Gods' Own Stallionabout a thirteen-year-old Assyrian boy whose father sells him as a slave to the royal household, where a remarkable horse changes his life. Following his death the Social War started throughout Italy over citizenship rights.

Anyone who carried a measure of administration against the majority of the senate made a revolution.

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Gaius Marius — His maternal grandfather was Scipio Africanus. Ancient Egypt books for teens Click on the title for more information from Powell's Books or another online source, or if you're outside the U.

Yet senate governance had become so corrupt that a person who would replace it "might benefit the commonwealth more than he injured it. On the Nature of Things Lucretius before 55BC Lucretius leaned on the Greek philosophers to create this investigation into how the universe works: it is run by atoms, can you believe, and gods are disinterested.

greek roman history writing awards
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Gifts from the Gods: Ancient Words and Wisdom from Greek and Roman Mythology by Lise Lunge