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Globalization has impacted people across the world in personal, social, political and economic fields.

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However, they are also suffering several negative effects of globalization: the disappearance of some traditional culture, the destruction of environment, and the disparities between rich and poor. You may also be interested in the following: negative effects of free educationnegative effects of media globalization How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

However, in order to reach to the sustainable development, every country needs to coordinate together to solve the issues and minimize the disadvantage effects.

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Negatives of Globalization The most common drawback of globalization is that it is widening the gap between the rich and poor; where rich people are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. In this Information Age, it is easy to get all necessary information on the Internet and they are often formal modern knowledge.

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It is the process of international integration as a product of change of world. Some oppose the changes it brings, some turn it to their benefit.

Implications of globalization

The reason why globalization is important is because it helps a community in gaining international recognition, influence as well as operation. Newsweek, , 3. There are pros and cons for this globalization as two sides of a coin. In fact, the economic growth often happens first in industrial areas and in cities, so people who have good education or working skills can get higher income and improve their lives. Yale Insights. If companies can improve the way they produce a good or service by outsourcing their processes or by buying from a supplier that offers a discount, they can then lower their prices which increases demand and affordability. Globalization may be regarded as beneficial from an economic and business point of view, but however cannot be perceived the ditto when examined from the social sciences and humanities side of it. I have heard the term globalization in my economics lecture and in political debates. The increased competition in the markets has resulted in a fluctuation in prices. However, the globalization negative effects can be seen all around the world, not just in the USA.
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Essay on Negative Effects of Globalization