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Another interesting recent development, and one that gives support to its objective testability, is the development of computer technologies for handwriting analysis known as FISHwhich are based on the fact that a unique set of algorithms can be generated by performing certain measurements on an individual's handwriting.

Forensic document examiners work closely with the criminal justice system, often employed by government agencies or as independent consultants.

summarize the three basic steps in handwriting analysis

This would not stand up in a law court, but with the support of other also inconclusive lines of evidence, and in the absence of a more convincing alternative, it has been sufficient to convince a majority of the scholarly community.

In the s, a man named Konrad Kujau, a supposed collector of Nazi memorabilia, approached a German publishing company with 60 handwritten journals purported to be written by Adolf Hitler that had, according to Kujau, just been discovered in the wreckage of an airplane that had left Germany after World War II.

Reporting Results At the conclusion of the examination, results are verbally provided to the client prior to preparation of a written report. Some years previous to the Daubert ruling, D. Some judges, such as in a ruling in Massachusetts this and other case reports are found on www.

Our laboratory is equipped with all necessary and modern equipment needed to conduct detailed analysis and examination of questioned document evidence. The results of a handwriting comparison are still not always accepted as evidence in a court case, partly because the science has a few more hurdles to clear, including determining a reliable error rate in analysis and setting standards for the comparison process.

Erasures Notary Signatures No case is too large or small. We look forward to hearing from you. Questioned left and exemplar tables While this analysis would definitely not hold up in court due to its extremely limited scope and sadly inaccurate letter copyingit nonetheless seems we have found a match in the exemplar for each letter in the questioned document.

They would also make separate tables for uppercase and lowercase letters. However, the fact remains that those law enforcement agencies in larger, more densely populated areas will likely have more need and resources for these types of consultants.

describe some of the technologies used by document experts to analyze handwriting

Huber and A.

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Handwriting Analysis & Forensic Document Examination Education Guide