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At the booking windows there was a great rush and every man and to purchase the ticket first.

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Kinds of exhibition: Exhibitions are of many kinds, such as Industrial exhibition, Agricultural Exhibitions, Bovine Exhibition, Poultry Exhibitions, Agricultural implements exhibitions, Science Exhibitions and so on.

Cameron Highlands — a Malaysian Hill Resort After living in the busy city of Kuala Lumpur with its noise and bustling traffic, it is a pleasure to go up to Cameron Highlands, a cool mountain resort, for relaxation. Art being able to imitate life means that the brush strokes of a painter or the innovative ideas of an architect are influenced by the world around him or her.

These changes helped to indentify the period as the Reformation Era. They were enjoying the handicrafts items. Industries and business men all over the world were busy in making business deals.

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They often capture imagery found in nature or human regions such as farms and cities. Can it be defined in any single painting, or sculpture? We learnt about the art, culture, traditions and technologies of different parts of the country.

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