Essays on physiognomy lavater summary

To Promote The Knowledge of Mankind. Learn To Read Random. Sensational publication history of the Essays on Physiognomy or the en- thusiasm with which they were received by British literary figures as well as the public at large.

Essays on physiognomy lavater summary

Lavater, Essays on physiognomy, translated by Henry Hunter, D. Essays on Physiognomy, trans. More relevant to the religious temperament of Lavater's times are his introspective Aussichten in die Ewigkeit 4 vols.

lavater physiognomy

Socrates proceeds to question. Additional Information In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Lavater and Physiognomy in English Fiction Graeme Tytler The study of physiognomy in the novel has become an established domain of literary criticism, with scholars intent on showing ways in which novelists of different nationalities were influenced by the physiognomic theories of Iohann Caspar Lavater

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Essays on Physiognomy