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Pepsi aside, we recommend bringing a filtered water bottle with you to Shanghai Disneyland.

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All of this takes more time than you expect, making 2 days the perfect amount of time, in our opinion. The cost was initially estimated at In Shanghai DisneylandGardens of Imagination is the first land at a Disney park designed as a garden, with 15 acres of lush, green space for families to gather and relax.

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To understand the reference points and expectations of Chinese end users, Disney recruited Chinese designers, artists, technical experts, and others to work with the Imagineering team. My advice would be to not let it get to you. The final opening date was June 16, Take metro line 11 and get off at Disneyland Park Station. Visitors will be stunned by the epic settings at Pirates of the Caribbean — Battle for the Sunken Treasure, which is an indoor drifting adventure facility. This is a hot-button issue even within China and particularly controversial between Hong Kongers and the Mainland Chinese , and at least in part is rooted in the divide between urban and agrarian life in China, and the rapid pace of technological advancement in the cities. Shops mainly sell Disney toys, key rings, watches and other souvenirs. Personally, I see the language barrier as no barrier at all in any of these destinations. A Familiar Language Classic Disney storytelling comes to life in new ways at Shanghai Disney Resort, as many familiar songs and stories are presented in Mandarin. There are far fewer drinking fountains than in the U. When using your credit card, always pay with the local currency if given the option to avoid a potential fee and for a more favorable conversion rate.

Guests can try to find their own zodiac signs on the wall and take photos with them. If you want a good view of this show, including the projections, fountains, and fireworks, you need to select a centered spot in Gardens of Imagination at least 90 minutes before the show, potentially earlier. You should also consider which days of the week to visit.

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Moreover, Shanghai Disneyland has a lot of potential as it grows. How Many Days? Shanghai Disneyland Park Video As the sixth in the world and the first in mainland China, Shanghai Disneyland Park creates many records among the existing Disney parks. We used 3GSolutions for MiFi rental and were satisfied with our experience. Actually, having cards is ideal, in case one is inexplicably denied it seems to occur for us at a higher rate than normal when traveling or flagged even when we notify the bank of travel plans, this has occurred. Dining Restaurants in Shanghai Disneyland serve a wide range of cuisine, ranging from burgers, pizza, and fried chicken to traditional Chinese dishes. We highly recommend staying at one of these official Disney hotels—more so than we do in Tokyo or Hong Kong, in fact. One caveat about this is a seldom-used rule and many airport agents—particularly those in smaller cities—may not be aware of it. From that strength you can modify them and still have your core brand. Merry-go-rounds and other entertaining facilities are also open to the public. Take a shuttle bus to the park. Shanghai Disneyland is authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese. We opted against this since it would be ineffective for non-browser based internet uses.

We stayed at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, and liked it quite a bit. Keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog for more as the big day draws closer.

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