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Loose connective tissue is composed of loosely woven collagen and elastic fibers. Osteocyte[ edit ] Osteocytes are mostly inactive osteoblasts. Sheep erythrocytes are even smaller at 4. The brown adipocytes store lipids as many droplets, and have high metabolic activity.

The matrix consists of an organic component called ossein. Small spaces between these circles are called lacunae. Adipose tissue: Adipose fat is a connective tissue composed of cells called adipocytes. Types of muscle fibers: Smooth muscle cells do not have striations, while skeletal muscle cells do.

October 17, Osteoclast[ edit ] Osteoclasts are very large multinucleate cells that are responsible for the breakdown of bones by the process of bone resorption. After a fracture, woven bone forms initially and is gradually replaced by lamellar bone during a process known as "bony substitution.

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Without adequate organic material in the matrix, the tissue breaks; without adequate inorganic material in the matrix, the tissue bends. Reticular tissue is a mesh-like, supportive framework for soft organs such as lymphatic tissue, the spleen, and the liver Figure 3.

The endosteum is the boundary between the cortical bone and the cancellous bone.

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Supportive connective tissue: Cartilage and Bone