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When you first hear gospel music and the blues, you can't help noticing how different they are in mood and in the stories they tell.

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Music seems to be one of the most primitive and fundamental aspect of human culture Shah. There was never an actually teenager stereo type.

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Everyone was into patriotism at this time including the music they listened to. It was found, that in particular when listening to: Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms 8. In the past country tunes were sluggish and slow, but a group of up and coming artists would revolutionize the music industry forever.

It was a mixture of Africanmusic, field hollers, work songs, religious From their early life, their career, and how society views them, they have opened the minds of people and country musicians all over the country. Essay on Country Music Essay on Country Music Whether the song is one of war-time, peace, or just plain admiration and love for America, country music has always set an ideology of patriotism. It its essence, country music reflected the new concerns of its audience and the new secular order. Christian Music - Country music has been around for many decades as well as Christian music. The South has two types of music, country music of the whites and the blues of the blacks. Its relatability and wide appeal has made country music one of the most commercially successful and popular genres in the United States. Like popular music, the majority of country songs deal with love.

Live and recorded music have many differences and similarities that can be noticed and loved depending on the listener. The songs connect to each individual in many different ways.

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The album must have been on steady repeat at some point in my life 2. The name of this very famous American icon is, Dolly Parton. These men helped the music industry become what it is today. These stars represented what the South felt. It is something that is going to continue and become more and more popular. Nevertheless, country music is very promising nowadays, and it is believed to remain its popularity in the future. Famous country genre songs were usually ballads telling their own stories about the cowboy heroes. What causes people to begin to imagine those things? Icons such as Lynn and Jennings had identifiable features within their music as well as their appearance that spoke sweet southern belle and rugged twang However, it reveals that they found her diary in which she wrote about a fight that she had had with him before he left for Cheyenne.

First, we look at the blues and how grief can become a form of popular music However, it is not only the tune of the music that has changed, it is the image, the appeal, and overall the type of icons the media is portraying these modern music stars as.

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