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That said, I'm also familiar with the other Bob Knight, and this one will shock you. Let him live out his days in isolated anger, punching at ghosts, while the rest of the sport and the place he helped build leaves him behind. We asked him all of the pressing questions about the incidents that led up to his firing, but it was futile.

They, along with past coaches such as Woody Hayes, Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno, are more recognizable than their own university presidents, more popular than their state officials.

During the presentation, Knight seemed to struggle with his memory; he re-introduced his wife to the audience even though she had been already introduced 10 minutes earlier, he mistakenly said that former IU basketball player Landon Turner had died, and he told a story about Michael Jordan and, a few minutes later, telling the same story replacing Jordan with IU basketball player Damon Bailey.

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Indiana can let his memory linger with whatever trophies and photos adorn Assembly Hall, but let that be it. Their power and egos grow alongside their winning percentages and salaries. I mentioned Darrell's encounter with Knight.

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Thanks for the story on the whip," Knight said loudly before changing from whips and basketball to life.

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Bob Knight Indiana Hoosiers firing lesson for college coaches