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Pradyumna Dubey were appointed as lecturers in Pali against the post vacated by Sri D.

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As he was a well-known scholar of Buddhism, he took a personal interest in developing the Buddhist studies in the university by adding a new post of Lecturer. It went where Hinduism was already known and honored. One post of Reader in Pali was added in and Dr. Radhakrishnan, S. He taught a meditation practice that focuses on the direct experience of each moment, acknowledging sensations, emotions, and thoughts without grasping at pleasant moments or pushing away unpleasant experiences. Dukkha is seen to develop from craving, and also placing an end to craving is able to result in liberation Nirvana. Bhikkhu Kashyap wanted to revive the glory of ancient Nalanda Mahavihara.

Buddha shared the need for and the importance of compassion as he traveled and his actions proved him to be a living example of the wisdom he taught. Siddhartha Gautama was born into a ruling family of the Sakya clan in present-day Nepal.

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Samtani became the first head of the Department. On July 31,with the effort of Dr.

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He spent six years with a shaven head, wearing ragged clothes and barely surviving on roots and fruit. Prasad, Dr.

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All pleasures are transitory, leading to separation and suffering.

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