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Rhett: I'll tell you why, Scarlett. Incorporating elements of country musiccritics noted it a "resolute, crisp mix of static synthsacoustic guitarand hand claps. It has been described as the only " Timbo -esque" record on Human. Scarlett: But how can we do that?

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Lovett: Louis XVI wore a fabulous stone that was called the Blue Diamond of the Crown, which disappeared inabout the same time old Louis lost everything from the neck up.

I figure we belong together, being the same sort. We are making excellent time. Others[ edit ] I'm sorry I couldn't build you a better ship, Rose. The theory goes that the crown diamond was chopped too Scarlett: Well, I won't kiss you for it, either.

You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. Lizzy: "April 14, ".

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A very rare diamond.

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Titanic ( film)