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Franchisees pay a fee for the franchise and must adhere to certain standards; however, they benefit from the advertising and brand recognition the franchising company provides. Doe intends to produce and distribute a number of beverage brands that are used for health and energy.

When a firm has multiple strategic business units like PepsiCo does, it must decide what the objectives and strategies for each business are and how to allocate resources among them. Taylor Wang.

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The company has to continually evaluate the situation and adjust its investments and product promotion strategies accordingly. As the product is a new product development, there are no immediate competitors to the product, but there is competition in the product category of functional drinks. You have probably set objectives for yourself that you want to achieve in a given time frame. Search the web for latest news in the beverage industry in your country to get some insight into how the market is faring. The distribution network of the company will be its primary channel. The indirect channel has been chosen for distribution of the product as the product is intended to be a mass product and a fast moving consumer good FMCG. We intend to launch new flavors including seasonal fruit flavors to extend the product line. The promotional strategy focuses on the pre and post launch promotional tactics and the integrated marketing campaign to be launched for product promotion with times lines. Called the five forces modelMichael E. For example, because buyers are consuming fewer soft drinks these days, companies such as Coke and Pepsi have had to develop new, substitute offerings such as vitamin water and sports drinks. The product aims at providing an easy solution to its target customers for their nutritional needs and a solution that can easily be absorbed within the present lifestyle of the target customers. Taylor Wang. Also, search the web for industry market research reports to learn more about the beverage market. We will be developing a health and wellness product in the functional beverages segment of the market.

Depending on the product, a firm might decide on a number of different strategies for it. The print media campaign will focus on newspapers and magazines that have a large readership among the target population of the 13 P a g e new product Nutri.

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The aim of the pricing strategy is to further the product strategy of launching the product as a regular health drinks that can add to your daily diet or be a substitute to the existing energy drinks, or flavored soft drinks. For example, government regulations on food packaging will affect PepsiCo but not Goodyear. Price Strategy The objectives of the pricing strategy are the overall goals that describe the role of the price in the long term plans of the organization. Thus the distribution pricing policy will remain a little flexible to accommodate other factors that may influence the distribution cost of the product. Our optimism were not based on fiction but on facts that were generated from critical analysis and evaluation conducted by our proficient and reputable business consultant, who analyzed the beverage and energy drinks industry in and around our location in California as well as the whole of the United States of America. Although they generate a lot of cash, they do not have a long-term future. The drink is planned to be launched in the month of March, with initially three real fruit flavors.

The product is aimed at capturing market share from the existing energy drinks market as well as creates a new market for itself by becoming a popular drink that substitutes nutritional drinks like milk.

The second channel will be a larger and more comprehensive channel that will focus on creating a distribution network for the distribution of the product.

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During a recessionary period, it is possible for both high-end and low-end products to sell well. This trend is expected to continue, and then taper off as the market normalizes and the industry becomes consolidated.

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If your business plan is detailed, accurate, and professionally packaged, you have bright chances of getting the funds you need. The place strategy focuses on the distribution strategy for Nutri including details of the channels and policies to be used.

Advertizing on the websites through clicks and banners can also be used. Currently, this industry has a number of fragmented market agents that will most likely be rolled up as time progresses.

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This is why we have created a unique website that is not only interactive but user friendly as well. Outdoor media like bill boards, hoardings, banners, wall paintings are effective ways to convey the product benefits as well as advertise. Strategic Analysis with current research! The objective of the product strategy is to decide the value offering which is to be delivered to the target customers of the company to satisfy their specific needs. A pilot launch of the product will be made in a limited geography. Doe has more than 10 years of experience in the food products industry. However, some manufacturers have a very low share of this market. Franchisees pay a fee for the franchise and must adhere to certain standards; however, they benefit from the advertising and brand recognition the franchising company provides. The following guidelines will help you start your beverage company successfully: Starting a Beverage Production Company — Sample Business Plan Template 1. Even though our energy drinks will be different from what is offered in the market, we know that it will be hard to gain much awareness in the marketplace if we do not lower our prices in the first few months of operations.

Come up with as many real-world examples as you can of companies that pursued market penetration, market development, product development, or diversification strategies.

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Strategic Planning