Best small scale business plans in india

You have to be very vigilant and opportunist in this business who is smart at keeping things in the store to maximize the profit.

Small scale business ideas without investment

For the former, you can use a platform like YouTube and Facebook or launch your own web site for the same purpose. The main costs for this would be in creating and maintaining a website. These bags and envelopes are in high demand with large supermarkets, pharmacies and other retailers. The most important investment you need to make to launch a wedding consultancy is in maintaining a popular website for it. The entrepreneurs can choose innovative gifts, wrap them in an eye-catching manner and then send them to their clients. Chocolates also make ideal gifts during festive season and special occasions. For either way, the cost is a bare minimum.

However, custom jewellery has been part of our ancient tradition and is still one of the most profitable markets today. Do not forget to take advice from the people who have experience in the same field.

business ideas in india for beginners

Also Read — 21 Online Business Ideas with low investment As a matter of fact, doing business in another clime exposes you to learn a great deal that might be useful to you in the nearest future.

If yes, then you should look into opening up a tour-guide businesswhere groups of travellers school-trips, college-trips, tourist-travels can ask you to not only make all the arrangements for the trip but also guide them through it, as the leader of the pack.

You can start this business from home or can provide an on-the-door facility. This business has a break-even period of two months at the very minimum and can provide gross profits of nearly 20 percent.

best small scale business plans in india

Coaching Class — Starting a tuition or coaching class is an evergreen low-cost business idea. One should start such business only if they are passionate about it. This act has to do with the hours of work, leave holidays, payment of wages, terms of service, as well as other conditions.

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50 Small Scale Business Ideas for Beginner Entrepreneurs