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Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

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The block program facilitates deep immersion and their multi-level program within the English major is designed to create strong and creative writers. That's why your teachers insisted you re-write your essays five billion times. The emphasis only requires four courses to complete the concentration and you don't even need to be an English major.

Almost all writers agree that one of the most important things for creative writers to study is the writing of others. You may wish to additionally check out our summer workshop, camp, and program guide for high school creative writersas well as our tips for high school teen writers.

Depending on the writer's interest in the subject of language development, it can become a valuable tool for his or her development as a writer.

Creative writing majors

Scholarships are available for writers who show special promise. We've uncovered programs with reputable alumni and faculty, scholarship opportunities, inventive writing courses and thriving literary magazines. You'll have a piece in at least one of the lit mags, including Unlocked, focused on sexuality through artistic expression. Emory University's undergraduate creative writing program is equally well-renowned. Students at Vermont College are required to meet on campus for only 10 days, twice a year. There are a number of programs where a person might choose to study creative writing. Ultimately, a writing college is not simply good because it has a strong faculty or access to good libraries, speakers or publishing opportunities. The belief that a wide range of interests and a broad scope of the study is beneficial to writers is shared by most people in the academic world. But First… Sign Up for Updates! Cornell University Programs Cornell University offers creative writing programs on the graduate level. Creative writing is often available to select as a major at the undergraduate level, but most students who are pursuing their bachelor's must study other topics. If a student is motivated to seek out opportunities for learning, growth and intellectual development, a strong English program and a strong English department are bound to be tremendous assets in his or her learning. Many people agree that it's not attending a top MFA program that will make you a good writer, but your desire to pursue the craft and practice, along with pushing through frustration and challenges to increase your skills. Many students enter their undergraduate years in college knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives after they graduate. English majors with an Emphasis in Creative Writing rave about the intimate workshops and engaged faculty.

The distinguished faculty, including a Pulitzer Prize winner, the poetry editor for The New York Times and multiple notable authors, make the effort worth the experience. Creative writers often study English or literature and in particular the literature of countries outside of their own.

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No matter where you choose to spend your college years, be sure to spend them with us!

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Top 10 Undergraduate Creative Writing Programs