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We define ourselves by what we see in the mirror rather than what we know is on the inside. Walker underscores this theme with the story of how a beautiful childs world was turned upside down by a miniscule BB pellet.

Having two brothers, and being on both sides of the conflict, this is an overly familiar situation. The desert has its own moon Which I have seen There is no flag on it.

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Still, deep inside her, the scare that her different eyes would make her little baby felt ashamed and she prepared herself for that. He does not know I consider that day the last time my father, with his sweet home remedy of cool lily leaves, chose me, and that I suffered and raged inside because of this.

At home that night I tell the unlucky ones all I can remember about the merry-go-round, the man who eats live chickens, and the teddy bears, until they say: that's enough, baby Alice. Now there appears a great distance between us.

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She is beautiful, whole, and free. Whirling happily in my starchy frock, showing off my biscuit-polished patent-leather shoes and lavender socks, tossing my head in a way that makes my ribbons bounce, I stand, hands on hips, before my father. She is going to write a cover story for her magazine that focuses on my latest book. In the conclusion of this novel she finds herself in a dream in which she loves herself as she did as an adolescence. But mostly, I remember this: I am twenty-seven, and my baby daughter is almost three. Walker 95 This makes us believe that she is satisfied with her looks and shows us that she is confident with the outer beauty in herself. Are these essay examples edited? When Alice is eight years old, she is shot in the eye by one of her brothers while playing cowboys and Indians with a BB gun. That there is room in the car for only three of us doesn't faze me at all.

The only time I see the friends I knew is when we go back to our old church. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

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She was no longer the prettiest and the cutest girl.

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Analysis of “Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self” by Alice Walker