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In case of Keshav Mill Co. The government also did not give her any pre-decisional notice and hearing. The Union Public Service Commission had also endorsed the conclusions of the inquiry officer. The Supreme Court did concede in the case of S. Time did not permit this. Cto, the SC quashed the decision of the CTO imposing tax on the petitioner on directions from his superior officer even when he himself was of the opinion that the petitioner was liable to tax. The maxim implies that the person must be given an opportunity to defend himself. In this case the Departmental Promotional Committee was constituted the very next day of the finalisation of the seniority list of the candidates who were continuing on ad hoc promotion for about six years. The court said it preferred to leave this matter open. In the case of Chirenga v Delta Distribution 1 ZLR H a High Court judge ruled that if an employee who is facing a charge of misconduct which might lead to his dismissal wishes to have legal representation, and his request is refused, the requirements of the audi alteram partem rule would not be met. The administrative authority must further provide full opportunity to present evidence — testimonial or documentary. It rather depends on the different facts and circumstances of the case. Narwal, B. In Firozhpur Constituency Parliamentary Election counting was been going on where in some segments counting were going on and in some it was over. In the United Kingdom both the Donoughmore and the Franks Reports regarded the giving of reasons as an important aspect of natural justice.

Before the court, both the parties are equal and have an equal opportunity to represent them. As regards the detention under any law providing for preventive, Clause 5 of Article 22 provides that in such condition the making the order for such detention must, as soon as may be, communicate to the detenue the grounds on which the order has been made and must give him the earliest opportunity of making a representation against the order.

In Kailash Chander Asthana V. It is the sine qua non of the right of hearing.

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P, the appellant, a District Superintendent of Police at Pilibhit, had been charged on various counts including wilful absence from duty. Proceeding by way of allowing only written representations The same basic requirement of allowing the party or parties affected to present their case properly must be observed.

The facts were that in Jarrow Corporation passed a clearance order for the demolition of certain buildings found unfit for human habitation and submitted the same for the confirmation of the minister of health.

Where the case involves complex legal issues or complicated facts, the court will be inclined to rule that legal representation was required for there to be a fair hearing.

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The applicant argued that the award was in conflict with public policy in that there was a breach of the audi alteram partem rule because, although it was given an opportunity to be heard, its submissions were rejected by the arbitrator in favour of those of the first respondent. Where there is no statutory provision or term of the contract obliging the giving of reasons for a decision the question is whether the principles of natural justice require that all decision-makers give reasons for their decisions.

The court rejected the contention holding that the girls would not have ventured to make the statements in the presence of the appellants except at a great risk of retaliation and harassment.

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Any cross-examination that followed upon this procedure would be a sham and a travesty of justice. P, the appellant, a District Superintendent of Police at Pilibhit, had been charged on various counts including wilful absence from duty. He was therefore not obliged to hear from the students and their leaders before closing the University. Thus it is only the third category of cases where the principle audi alteram partem is applicable. The clearance order was confirmed by the minister after taking into account the facts thus collected. In the case of Ridge v. A recent case touches indirectly upon this matter. Tiwari v. Indeed, customarily where disciplinary mechanisms are established, oral hearings are built into the procedures. Many of the students approached the Patna HC challenging it on the ground that before cancellation of exam, no opportunity of hearing was been given to the students. It is here that the principles of natural justice enable a court "to step over the trip-wires of previous cases and to bring the law into accord with the needs of today".

Even God did not pass a sentence upon Adam before he was called upon to make his defence. Where the evidence consists of oral testimony, then he should be entitled to cross-examine the witnesses who give that testimony, whose identities should be disclosed.

However, recent English cases are indicative of the trend that somehow the principle is making its way also into the area of master and servant cases.

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Audi Alterem Partem Right to fair hearing