An analysis of the eight book of aeneid

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In grief and remorse Aeneas asks what happened, explaining that he was not able to find Deiphobus' body for burial. Next day they march forth to battle, carrying the heads of Nisus and Euryalus impaled upon spears. Latinus tries to dissuade him, but Turnus is all the more fiercely determined.

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They look at the Capitoline Hill, future location of many important Roman temples. Aeneid 7 Death of Aeneas' nurse, Caieta.

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He does do, asking to be allowed to enter into the kingdom granted to him by fare, and promising a temple and a festival to the god and a special shrine for the Sibyl. He does, and goes to sleep. Numerous details in Book VIII stress the likeness between the two heroes, as when Aeneas performs rites for Hercules and then sets out for the Etruscans's camp on a horse covered with a lion's skin, an emblem associated with the Greek hero. Evander demonstrates remarkable piety, with his annual commemoration of Hercules' great feat; Hercules is an extraordinary warrior; and Aeneas is both courageous and pious, serving as a link between the two great men. On their walk, Evander points out a number of sights that would have been recognizable to Virgil 's readers as important future locations. News is brought of the siege of the city and the death of Amata. Before they head out, Evander takes Pallas aside and tells him how he wishes he were young and could go in his stead. Diomedes had said that he would not fight against the Trojans again on any account, particularly not against so great a warrior as Aeneas. He kills Bitias; Pandarus shuts the gates again, but Turnus is inside. Amata beseeches him not to go, but Turnus replies that he is not free to refuse.

She calls on the sun, the gods and the furies to avenge her, first on Aeneas personally and then on all his descendants. Just then thunder rolls, and they see a gleam of weapons.

Evander also entrusts his son Pallas to Aeneas, since Evander himself is too old and infirm to go to battle.

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Aeneas has a pretty good idea of what's going on, and is deep in thought about what to do about it.

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The Aeneid Book 8 Summary