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However, he didn't know that Jefferson had died a few hours earlier. After his presidency, Adams lived quietly with Abigail on their family farm in Quincy, where he continued to write and to correspond with his friend Thomas Jefferson. After leaving Harvard, Adams worked as a teacher but decided instead to take up the law.

When Lord Howe stated he could only view the American delegates as British subjects, Adams replied, "Your lordship may consider me in what light you please, This time they were able to meet and come to an agreement that allowed the U.

Five children followed in the next eight years, although one, Susanna, died in infancy. In Januaryafter recovering, Adams arrived at The Hague to demand that the States General of the Netherlands answer his petitions.

He graduated from Harvard in and began practicing law in Boston soon afterward. He also spoke in December before the governor and council, pronouncing the Stamp Act invalid in the absence of Massachusetts representation at Parliament.

There were provisions for what constituted French territory.

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Career Before the Presidency Two of Adams most influential cases were the successful defense of the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre However, his actions later enhanced his reputation as a courageous, generous and fair man. However, he didn't know that Jefferson had died a few hours earlier. Four delegates were chosen by the Massachusetts legislature, including Adams, who agreed to attend, [51] despite an emotional plea from his friend Jonathan Sewall not to. Adams soon emerged as the leader of the faction in Congress that pushed to declare independence. As expected, George Washington received the highest number of electoral votes and was elected president. That same year, Adams was elected to the Massachusetts Assembly and was one of five to represent the colony at the First Continental Congress, in He wrote to Lovell that he "should have wanted no motives or arguments" for his acceptance if he "could be sure that the public would be benefited by it. The accused soldiers were arrested on charges of murder. The same result occurred in the election. John Adams received 71 electoral votes and Jefferson He authored the "Plan of Treaties," laying out the Congress's requirements for a treaty with France. He, Abigail, and the children lived there for a year, then moved to Cold Lane; still, later, they moved again to a larger house in Brattle Square in the center of the city.

Adams wrote in the Gazette that these measures would destroy judicial independence and place the colonial government in closer subjugation to the Crown. Adams was soon serving on as many as 90 committees in the fledgling government, more than any other Congressman, and inhe became head of the Board of War and Ordinance, which oversaw the Continental army.

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At that time, whoever received the most votes became president, and whoever came in second became Vice President. All discussion on the matter ended with his father's command that he remain in school: "You shall comply with my desires.

Diplomatic Efforts In during the early days of the war for independence, Adams served as a diplomat to France alongside Benjamin Franklin and Arthur Lee but found himself out of place.

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